Pearl Harbor and a Boys Playground

Today we toured Pearl Harbor, during peak periods without pre-booking this is actually not easy. While all the other exhibits don’t seem to have limits the Arizona is limited to first in best dressed so I would suggest getting there early.

When you buy tickets you are given a time for the boat out the the Arizona and you book in your day around that. Your time on the Arizona itself is limited but it does give you enough time to view the memorial plus the take your photo’s then its back on the boat and back to the main land. The memorial itself is as sad and poignant as you would expect, a sheen of oil still shimmering on the surface of the water from the wrecks underneath. An effort to access during peak periods – yes. Worth it – definitely.

After getting back onto solid ground we explored the pearl harbor memorial museum, getting a good understanding of the timeline of the attack. Then there was the submarine tour of the USS Bowfin. It was fascinating to be able to crawl around the sub, nothing really seemed to be out of bounds and still in really good condition. Next up is the tour of the battleship Missouri. Oh yes, its all about the big guns, wooden decks and enough space to easily get lost in.

Finally, and let me be honest at this point I was ready for the man heaven to just end, submarine, large warships and now planes – oh my. I needed something alcoholic and less testosterone filled.

Things to remember;

  1. You actually are not able to take bags of any sort into the military areas of the site – that means nothing not even cross over bags are allowed. If it doesn’t fit into pockets it doesn’t go with you.
  2. If you book early enough you can actually pre-book tickets which means no roosters crowing wake ups for you.


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