Polynesian Cultural Center – Oahu

So I really wasn’t sure what to expect here, a cultural center and theme park seemed a little but Disney and not really the authentic island experience I was used to but I have to say … I was pleasantly surprised with this little Gem of an adventure.

Ok so its on the other side of Oahu so a bit of a drive, and I’m not going to lie, there is alot of merchandise that do remind me a little bit of Disney, but overall this place rocks.

Polynesian Cultural Center 04So let me explain, its set up with each “island” having its own area within the park and you can get around the park either by boat or by walking over series of bridges. The first thing you should do when you arrive is get a timetable and try to get to as many of the shows as you can. These shows explain different aspects of the cultures and showcase some of the unique talents and entertainment synonymous with that region. It was funny, entertaining and interesting and after watching one show we were rushing around the park trying to ensure we caught as many as we can. Also in each area you will find games, cooking demonstrations and other forms of entertainment like palm tree climbing so you

are constantly seeing and learning as you go.

Finally there is a Canoe pageant where all the different islands dress and perform their unique dances. We watched from the side of the river and people wandered around with pineapples filled with different juices, ice creams and many more treats. My suggestion, try as much as you can, the food is good and so fresh you are going to dream about it when you eventually go home.

Finally there is a Luau at the end of the day, this for us was a little bit big and and a little bit impersonal but overall the day was a success. It was so nice to get out of the big city and see a bit more of Oahu – definitely something I would recommend to anyone looking for something to do in Oahu.

Tomorrow we board our ship for our next adventure around the Islands so stay tuned.


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