Let’s Meet Ben ….

Hi I’m Ben, let me start by explaining that for the first twenty years of my life I was never interested in exploring, had never left WA and had no idea of the world outside Australia.

At 20 I happened to meet a beautiful young lady during an ice skating session down at the local rink! She opened up my eyes to the world and for me now, Australia is small when the world is at my fingertips. I will admit – I have the travel bug!

I have been lucky enough to land a job that forces me to work only 4.5 months per year… you heard me right I have to get up and go to work 147 days every year. Its a hard life …. but I struggle to survive it. the upside is all the time off gives us the unique ability to travel and see the world.

My main two roles when we travel is to lift heavy things and say “no it’s too expensive” almost every day we travel, because if Peta had her way, we would be coming home with sea containers not suitcase.

We argue over hotel star ratings, room prices and room service, just the normal things couples tend to fight about on a day to day basis. I remember the time Peta had booked a very small and exclusive Christmas eve dinner at a luxury hotel in the Rocky Mountains, Canada. With 10 tables in total, a fully stocked champagne cart and a menu without prices (I know fella’s this was the moment the alarm bells rang) it wasn’t till the cheque came it fully hit me just how much of a champagne taste my wife had. 2 aspirin, a heart attach and $700 charge later I vowed to pay closer attention to exactly where she was making our bookings. The only reason she got out of that alive was my planned proposal at the end of the meal …. complaining about the bill before such a momentous occasion might have ruined the mood.

Im not one to go on holiday and rest, I can’t just sit and lay around the pool, the word relax just isn’t in my vocabulary. My main aim when travelling is to the most out of a destination, immerse myself in a culture, see and do everything and ask every question. The only way I know it was a good trip is when I come back exhausted.






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