Let’s Meet Peta ….


My name is Peta and I’m usually the one that pushes for a holiday. I love to travel and the only way I can happily come into the office everyday is because I know that I’m working towards a great trip!

I’m also the more frivolous of the two of us.  Ben always says that I’m a little bit like a helium balloon and every so often he has to grab hold of the string and gently drag it back down to earth. I usually come up with the out there concepts and ideas and he, in turn tells me they are totally ridiculous and to start being serious.

Since we are talking about perceived faults my second biggest fault, I really can’t keep a secret so I the fact that I have not yet told anyone of this trip is more than surprising, its down right impressive!

Now that I have gotten all the bad habits out the way my biggest strength is that I am highly organised and do plenty of research. I get 3 quotes on everything, read reviews and the fine print all before I even think about hit buy. Every bit of our trip is preplanned so we can take advantage of every moment spent in another country.

My second strength is my superior navigation skills! That’s right, although Ben will never admit it, I am the navigator in the relationship conquering everything from walled cities to the subways around the world from the London Underground all the way through to the Moscow Subway.

I am also the one who gets excited about anything and everything jumping around and giggling like a child at something amazing, new or different. I am also an amateur photographer (Ben says I have to put in Amateur in case you might mistakenly think Im a professional) and take great enjoyment trying to capture these special moments in time so they will never be forgotten!

For me, I realise just how lucky I am to be able to explore the world as we do and don’t want to waste a moment of any experience.

So welcome to our blog, we look forward to sharing this amazing trip with you and I personally can’t wait to get on that big jet plane.


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  1. What a beautiful read. You 2 are perfect for each other. x

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